Feather pillow

Feather pillow

The Fournet pillow has a clean finish with double safety seams. The outer cover is made of cotton and is 100% down and feather resistant. No feathers can pierce it. This pillow is suitable for those who prefer to sleep on their back or side.

ComfortAce is an ISO 9001 certified company. ComfortAce is a member of EDFA (European Feather And Down Association). This pillow is certified OEKO-TEX 100 healthy textile and NOMITE anti-mite textile.

Tips: Feather is a natural product, it may have a slight smell at first, but it will disappear soon after use. Down products should be beaten until the down is loose for a better experience.

about this product


●Soft and skin friendly

●100% Cotton down-proof fabric

●Perfect Feather Pillows for Back & Side Sleepers

Product specifications

Feather pillow

  • 100% cotton
  • 30 degrees Celsius
  • White
  • Yes
  • Yes