Minuet comfort box hoofdkussen

Minuet Comfort box pillow [G99008] [G99009]

The Minuet box pillow Minuet is available in a Comfort version and a Comfort Plus with zipper. Both are filled with fiber balls.The fiber balls of the Minuet provide a resilient pillow.The Comfort has a height of eight centimeters, the Comfort Plus is slightly higher with twelve centimeters so that neck and head are well supported. 

The pillows are made of soft, shape retaining and skin-friendly materials.they have increased breathability and they create ideal sleeping comfort.Thanks to the cotton cover, the pillow breathes well and feels soft on the skin. The pillows are easy to maintain and can simply be put in the washing machine and dryer. Sleeping has never been so relaxing.

about this product


1.Ultimate comfort and superior support

2.Good air permeability

3.Soft to the touch for easy sleep

Product specifications

Minuet Comfort box pillow [G99008] [G99009]

  • 40 degrees Celsius
  • Cotton
  • Fiber balls
  • Minuet
  • White
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes