Nocturne 90% ganzendons dekbed

Nocturne 90% lux goose down duvet 4-season [A99027]

This duvet excels in flexibility. The white goose down filling makes the Nocturne resilient with a high insulation value.

about this product

The summer and autumn parts are carré stitched. Due to the square filling, the resilience is optimally used and no heat is lost. Due to the luxuriously sealed cover, the duvet feels soft and repels dust mites. The NOMITE quality mark indicates that it is a product that is suitable for people with dust mite allergy. Bedding that is filled with feathers and down has favorable heat and climate ratios (faster heating while sleeping, faster moisture drainage during airing).

The feather- and down-tight cover material offers extra protection, preventing the ingress of mites. Even if you are allergic to house dust or are asthmatic. This has been demonstrated by scientific studies. All versions are equipped with snaps (can be combined with all versions).

Product specifications

Nocturne 90% lux goose down duvet 4-season [A99027]

  • 100% cotton
  • 3+4 (one)
  • 40 degrees Celsius
  • 90% goose down
  • Nocturne
  • White
  • Yes
  • Yes