Ouverture 10% eendendons dekbed

Ouverture 10% duck down duvet 4-season [A99019]

The Overture duvet is ten percent filled with the softest white duck down. This keeps it wonderfully airy and resilient.

about this product

The cotton cover is spring and down tight which is not only practical, but this duvet also gives the NOMITE quality mark. This means that dust mites are banned and asthmatics can also sleep under it. In addition, this duvet heats up faster and wicks away the moisture better through the down and feathers that have been used. In addition, the blanket is easy to keep fresh and clean, because it can be washed at forty degrees and can be dried.

Product specifications

Ouverture 10% duck down duvet 4-season [A99019]

  • 10% duck
  • 100% cotton
  • 3+4 (one)
  • 40 degrees Celsius
  • Ouverture
  • White
  • Yes
  • Yes