A carefully selected mattress or pillow should last as long as possible. After all, a nice fresh pillow retains its shape better. And a well-protected mattress still looks like new even after years of use. ComfortAce's undercovers and toppers ensure that our customers wake up in a fresh and healthy bed. 


Whether it's undercovers, top mattresses or mattress protectors, ComfortAce offers these products, in all shapes and sizes. This will keep a mattress or pillow like new longer and won't allow perspiration to penetrate the pillow or mattress. It extends the life of these products and keeps your bed fresh and healthy. 

Protectors in all shapes and sizes

A large double bed or just a single bed? Protectors and top mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. And if your size isn't one of them, ComfortAce can work flexibly with you to create a custom protector. 

ComfortAce, Rise & Smile!