Custom pillows and comforters


A good night's sleep for everyone. ComfortAce has a wide range of comforters and pillows in different variants, so you will always find a sleep item that suits your sleeping needs and desires! And if that is not the case? Then we offer fast and flexible customization.

In ComfortAce's assortment, you will find the very best sleep products for a good night's sleep. Our products feature premium filling and an ergonomic shape, so you won't suffer from head, neck, shoulders or back pain. Moreover, our high-quality pillows and luxury comforters are available in numerous varieties and materials. For example, white duck down and goose down, as well as light synthetic products. Single comforters, as well as 4-season comforters that can be easily adjusted to the temperature. Thanks to our extensive range of the best products, you are sure to find a sleep product that suits your needs!

Create a customized sleep product

Do you have specific requirements and can't yet find what you are looking for in our range? Feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you! Discuss your wishes and we will design a customized sleep product for you. For example, a pillow with a special notch, an extra wide or extra long comforter or a comforter with a different filling ... it is all possible. 

Contact us now and discuss the possibilities for customization. We will be happy to help you!