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About Comfortace

Comfort & Value

Based in one of the most productive and energetic regions in Eastern China,
ComfortAce enjoys rich resources from filling materials and fabrics to human resources
as well as transportation facilities. With an experience of over 20 years in bedding
industry, we have been serving international markets for more than 15 years.
We are striving to create utmost value in bedding textiles business, and to offer our
customers with the most comfortable experience.

Your reliable partner in value-adding process

The value of a product comes from not only the product itself, but quality service and
timely delivery as well. ComfortAce cares about not only your comfort and value, but
also the comfort and value of our common end users.
Backed with professional knowledge and international view, our experts in textile
industry, product design, packaging design, quality control and logistics are ready to work
with you and support the growth of your business.

We know how and why

Our customers include wholesalers, retailers, brand dealers, hospitality players and
finished product manufacturers.
With the talent of design and sample developing team, ComfortAce converts your
idea into state-of- the-art designs and exquisite products.
We are serving dozens of satisfied customers and we sincerely hope you are the next.



ComfortAce is OEKOTEX certified
European Down & Feather Association
ComfortAce: a ISO9001 company
Organic textile

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